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With a consent from the Food and Drug Administration , Laser Comb or Soft Laser is considered a popular treatment for hair loss (Alopecia). Alopecia is an acute hair condition where the hair starts thinning and losing rapidly, consequently leading to a state of baldness. For Treating Alopecia, a Laser Hair comb uses the concept of Low-level Laser Therapy . Using the science of photobio simulation to treat hair growth issues, laser hair comb has proved to give significant hair growth results. For the Laser hair comb to function, this therapy of low level laser needs to be applied for thrice a week till 12 weeks . After which the best results are inevitably bound to come. When hair creams, gels, and even medications do not work, Laser hair rescues this hair problem like a savior. The results are unparallel and unprecedented for any hair fall severity issue.

At Cosmotree Clinic we effectively use Laser Treatments, as they are natural without any harmful side effects, injury or swelling as prevalent in most cosmetic/ plastic surgeries. Also the recovery time in a Laser Therapy is nothing in compared to other cosmetic procedures that take months to heal. At Cosmotree Clinic we ensure expert solutions of Beauty care strategies by our matchless team of highly accomplished dermatologists and practitioners. We deal with every beauty problem with adequate care and concern , thus giving our special personalized care services, that you can undeniably find anywhere else. With our highly efficient skin care , face care and Body Care Treatments we endeavor to preserve your exotic beauty.

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At Cosmotree Clinic we revive your body’s natural beauty with a diverse range of our beauty services. We believe that you are born beautiful. For that mighty reason, your body still has a potential to stay as appealing as it could be. With our excellent solutions in issues of skin, hair, body hair, facial and other significant concerns, we re-instate your body with an in-born beauty. read more

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