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Hair Transplantation


Hair Transplant In Cosmotree Clinic

Hair loss is a most worrisome issue many people facing now days. It not only brings down your self -confidence but also makes you less interested in social activities. Hair transplant has gained a huge popularity in recent years as it allows fast revival of the lost hair and also enhances growth of natural hair. It is a hair replacement treatment for men and woman that helps in plantation of hair permanently and helps in growing areas that have become bald.

To every one looking for Hair Transplant in Delhi, Cosmotree is a best Hair transplant clinic in Delhi. Our advisors can help you to understand everything including nuance of hair transplant like types of hair loss and baldness, Hair transplant Cost and process of treatment one has to follow. It will make you familiar with the process right from the starting to the final stage of treatment.


Hair transplant is a 100% reliable and safe treatment. It needs utmost care, consciousness, preciseness and must be done by skilled physician. Hair that is transplanted will stay there forever because the donor hairs that are used in the process is taken from the permanent zone of the scalp that is back and side of the head. There is no any lower age limit for Hair transplant surgery. Anybody under the age of 80 can go through the treatment. The reason for this is that although your newly transplanted hair will be permanent and treatment will not stop your existing hair from continue to fall out.

Types Of Hair Transplant

Before And After At Cosmotree Clininc

We offer both prevalent techniques of transplantation that is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) according to the need of person. The professional staff of the clinic uses scientific methods to diagnose the problem and suggest treatment accordingly. Entire treatment involves different steps. It may take some time; one has to prepare for it previously. Our clinic is equipped with advance equipment and we use all the modern techniques to treat hair problems which make the complete treatment easy and satisfactory..

Hair transplant cost In Delhi

It is not static as it depends upon various factors and varies by the person’s condition of baldness. It depends on hair thinning and balding stage, Hair graft size and number, Hair density, method used to transplant hair and quality of surgeon. At Cosmotree clinic you will find all the Hair transplant treatments in competitive price which can be affordable to the people.

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